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Knowing the need, we create opportunities!

We believe that the challenge of adaptation in a new country for refugees can be vastly improved in quality if projects are created based on real needs!

Join the mission to make a meaningful difference together.

* AURA is a non - profit  501(c)(3) organization.

Your donation is 100% tax-deductible

*video of a rally against the war in Ukraine, Austin, TX


Our organization is dedicated to orchestrating and executing educational and cultural initiatives tailored to aid Ukrainian refugees in overcoming the challenges of adaptation in the USA while fostering a positive experience. We are committed to cultivating inclusive environments and fostering a sense of belonging. Through our unwavering dedication to the well-being of those we serve, we collaborate to deliver comprehensive and quality support, ensuring that refugees receive the assistance they need to thrive and grow in their new environment.

Our projects




Overcoming language barrier

ONLINE ESL English program

for adults

Creating conditions for development and integration

We promote Ukrainian cultural values through events, festivals, creative workshops, etc.

We support and engage modern local Ukrainian artists and artisans.

Conversation sessions with native speakers

Online conversation club that increases conversational level of English and social adaptation in new environment community


We collected useful links and contacts in one place for your continuance

Your impact

We don't limit ourselves to the resources we implement independently; we are open to collaboration to provide additional opportunities for Ukrainian refugees.


If you're an organization or a private company that can offer assistance, useful information, or services for newly arrived Ukrainians, please contact us for fruitful cooperation.

Connect with us



If you are an organization or a private company that provides assistance or services for newly arrived immigrants or refugees, please contact us for fruitful collaboration

Volunteer for projects


If you want to join the team and be part of our projects we welcome your input

Offer a job


If you are a workplace and want to offer it to a Ukrainian, please write here

Donate things


If you have things or furniture that you want to donate to Ukrainian families, report it here please

How are you?

If you're a newcomer from Ukraine, please fill out the form so we know how we can be helpful to you. We understand what you're going through! And we care!

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