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U.S. has admitted 271,000 Ukrainian refugees since Russian invasion. More than 117,000 came via the Biden administration's “Uniting for Ukraine” program, which lets Americans sponsor Ukrainians so they will be financially supported in the U.S. This is a website created by the AURA team to guide Ukrainian refugees who came to the United States under the Uniting for Ukraine program in 2022.

The objective of our website is to help Ukrainians get the help and information they need to take advantage of the possible services that are available to them in America, and specifically the city of Austin, Texas.

Here Ukrainians will find useful resources, application materials, useful links, and useful contacts, and people who want to help Ukrainians can sign up to offer services.

You can ask for help by filling out the form in the
I Need Help section and we 
will try to help you with the resources available to us.

If you want to offer help, please go to the section I Want to Help and fill out the form.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping Ukrainians adaptation to life in America!

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The purpose and mission of our organization

We acknowledge the seriousness of the current U.S. government's intentions to support the citizens of Ukraine seeking to avoid danger by relocating to the safe lands of the United States through the "Uniting for Ukraine" program. This noble and invaluable mission deserves the highest praise. Our focus is on locally enhancing this objective through our additional assistance programs, aimed at facilitating a more rapid adaptation and successful integration of Ukrainians who have moved to the U.S., in accordance with the laws of America.

Our efforts are dedicated to supporting refugees from Ukraine in their rapid adaptation to the United States. We provide essential information and knowledge for successful integration, offering social, legal, and language support through our free assistance programs.


We strive to facilitate the swift adaptation of Ukrainian and other refugees in the United States by providing key information about life in Texas, especially in the city of Austin, in full compliance with local legislation. Our organization assists in the documentation required for legal residence and employment, addresses legal aspects, and offers guidance on obtaining driver's licenses, finding accommodation, paying taxes, and launching their own businesses.


The global mission of our organization is to ensure free and quality access to information and resources, enabling refugees to quickly become self-reliant, successfully navigate adaptation in a new country, and seamlessly integrate into society while adhering to the laws of the state of Texas

Local organizations working with refugees from all over the world. Feel free to contact them for help

Austin Jews & Partners ​ ​for Refugees
TENT Partnership for Refugees
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