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This is a website created by the AURA team to guide Ukrainian refugees who came to the United States under the Uniting for Ukraine program in 2022.

The objective of our website is to help Ukrainians get the help and information they need to take advantage of the possible services that are available to them in America, and specifically the city of Austin, Texas.

Here Ukrainians will find useful resources, application materials, useful links, and useful contacts, and people who want to help Ukrainians can sign up to

offer donations and services.

You can ask for help by filling out the form in the
I Need Help section and we 
will try to help you with the resources available to us.

If you want to offer help, please go to the section
I Want t
o Help and fill out

the form.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping Ukrainians adapt to life in America!


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Our help and support programs

Organizations that can provide assistance for you

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