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ARTKOLO (circle of Ukrainian creators)

Folk art is like a fabric that envelops the soul of a nation, embroidered with the wisdom of past generations and interwoven with the sounds of traditional melodies and modern tunes. It is a reflection of national identity, a shimmer of cultural wonder amid the vast galaxy of world traditions.

What does the name of our project mean ArtKolo:

Art is a unique language of communication among people at any point on the planet. It's like a bouquet of feelings that inspires creativity, creating a special connection among all people on Earth in a unified sense - to live and converse with the universe through creativity, which identifies a unique perspective on things. We are immensely proud to have the inspiration and ability to create a safe space for creators in the form of a community, like a CIRCLE of like-minded individuals! And this next word, which makes sense in our name.

Kolo is a Ukrainian word that describes an object in the form of a circle. It's a place of close unity among artists, where each participant finds opportunities for embodying and developing their authentic vision of the world through their creative activity.

Under the name ArtKolo, we gather ambassadors of Ukrainian culture, creating a space for the flourishing and popularization of both contemporary and traditional Ukrainian art in the United States.

Our common goal is to support Ukraine and enrich its values and unique cultural code wherever we may be. Our cultural diplomacy aims to respect, support, and enrich the values of Ukrainian heritage.

The benefits of this project:

Welcoming environment for artists

Cultural exchange

Enrichment of society's cultural life

We support the freedom of artistic expression, cultural authenticity, and traditional heritage of our country. Here, every artist has a safe space to express themselves, their unique creativity, and talent among like-minded individuals, friends, and colleagues.

We promote cultural and educational links between Ukrainian and American communities, strengthening friendly relations between creative communities of our cultures and their traditions. Our activities are aimed at supporting intercultural understanding, gratitude, and creative collaboration.

We organize events, fairs, and workshops where artists and performers have the opportunity to showcase their talents, perform, and exhibit their creative works. This helps them make a statement in the new society, promote themselves and their creativity within the community, and contributes to expanding horizons and enriching society's cultural diversity.

The creative project ArtKolo blossomed in December 2022, like a flower in the field, to bring new hope and breathe life into Ukrainian artists and creators who seek a place of peace and creative work in the world.

Important note: Among the participants of the ArtKolo community, the majority are those whom war has displaced from their native lands. They are refugees who have been forced to leave everything behind and start a new life in a foreign country. But thanks to your support, they once again feel at home and find their creative path in new circumstances. Your participation in the ArtKolo project is a key contribution to their adaptation and integration into their new life and work.

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Velykden’ Crlebration (Ukrainian Easter holiday) 05/05/2024

Event “From heart to heart” 02/11/2024

Handcraft holiday bazar 12/30/2023

Christmas handcraft fair 12/17/2023