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ArtKolo Circle of Ukrainian creators


The project was launched in December 2022 with the vision of uniting creative personalities from Ukraine in a hospitable community. Its purpose is to foster connections by allowing these artists to get to know each other, while showcasing the creativity and talent of Ukrainian artists to the American public—who are currently their neighbors. This original project embodies the principles of support, unity and celebration of creativity, culture and traditions. Here, every artist has a platform to showcase their unique creativity and talent in a circle of like-minded people, friends and colleagues.


The goal of this project is the organization of various activities and events where artists can open their creativity to the public and to each other. It gives artists a space to express themselves in American society, facilitating communication, sharing experiences and expressing their unique perspectives in this new cultural context.

About project

Elizabeth Arhunova organizer Art Kolo

Hi! I am Elizabeth Arhunova, the founder and manager of the creative community ArtKolo.

Let me tell you what the name ArtKolo means and the idea behind our creative team

Art Kolo team


ArtThis is a unique language of communication among people from any corner of the planet.
Wherever we are, whatever language we speak, the first and foremost thing that unites us with this place is, of course, the ability to love and the folk creativity of society.

When we visit museums, exhibitions, performances, shows, and any creative events, we engage in a dialogue in a special language - the language of sensations, the language of impressions, and the language of emotions! And this is the international language.

The moment of contact with creativity is similar to the first kiss. It cannot leave you indifferent. It invariably evokes emotion and prompts a gesture in response! A smile, a compliment, admiration, a desire to follow the artist's creativity, and in some way emulate or acquire a piece of their work: to draw inspiration from it!

The bouquet of feelings that creativity evokes in us is a unique connection of all people on Earth in a single sense - to live and speak to the universe through their unique perspective on things.

I immensely value the presence of people in my life who know how to speak to the world in the language of their talents, who have recognized this talent in themselves, develop it, and share it with others.

And I am immensely glad that the idea of creating a space for artists in the form of a community, like a CIRCLE of like-minded individuals, has come to life! And so we have come to the next word that makes sense in our name.

Kolo -  is a Ukrainian word that describes an object in the form of a circle. When we speak about the sense of unity, we aim to find ourselves in a place where there is concentration and development for our individuality. A place where we are accepted for who we are, and our uniqueness, authenticity, and personal touch in perceiving Life are supported.

We express this concept with phrases like: "How wonderful it is to spend time in the circle of friends!" or "How fortunate I am to be surrounded by such wonderful people!"

Therefore, our creative community, ArtKolo, aspires to be a part of and nurture an environment where everyone has the space to express themselves and support others on their unique creative journeys. So, if we were to represent ourselves in a form, it would be in the shape of a circle, where we are indeed holding each other's hands in support.

Especially now, as Ukrainians experiencing despair over the fate our country endures, a deep yearning for home, we truly need a place where we can recreate authentic projects dear to our souls and culture and where we can meet more frequently with each other.

From our name, one can understand that the idea of the project is to Unite

To create a shared space for more creative individuals from Ukraine and America.
This project aims to organize events and activities across various creative domains—fairs, exhibitions, workshops, concerts—where artists can personally interact with visitors, showcase their creative achievements, express their creativity, share knowledge, and where visitors can immerse themselves in the process!

The priority of these events is fostering connections, communication, and the convergence of two cultures. The exchange of traditions and cultural heritage from different nations—Ukrainian and American. These events offer participants the opportunity to make friends, engage in new and interesting acquaintances, and gather admirers of their creativity.

Perhaps our goals may sound ambitious, but we are confident that every person on this Earth wants to fill their life with something that makes it happier, brighter, more interesting, kind, and sometimes, tastier! And the best thing we've come up with is to meet each other as frequently as possible at ArtKolo events, bringing a positive experience into each other's lives.

                        We would be thrilled to welcome you to our events and gatherings! It would be wonderful if you could follow our page on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on the news and events of our creative community!

Note: 95% of the participants in our creative community are artists from Ukraine who have refugee status (parole) in the USA. By attending our events and supporting these individuals, you contribute to their stable development and adaptation in the new country. Sincerely, thank you for this!

Click here to go to the page of the nearest event in which we ArtKolo will participate! 

If you want to become a member of our creative circle and participate in events like artist, please fill out this form, and we'll see you soon!

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