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About Us

We are not a commercial organization, we are a group of people who, having different areas of professional activity, also chose the path of volunteers to help Ukrainians who recently came to the United States because of the war in Ukraine

We are open to cooperation and will be glad if you join us to help develop our projects and this website.The purpose of which is to share information that may be helpful to newcomers, thereby helping them to adapt more quickly to the United States life

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Graduate specialist of the Faculty of Journalism of the Kyiv Institute of Culture and Arts

Journalist, photojournalist. Business entrepreneur. Ukrainian refugee volunteer in Austin, Texas. The organizer and coordinator of the site. The ideological inspirer and administrator of the language assistance program for Ukrainian refugees in America LAURA

Elizabeth Arhunova

"I don't need motivation to have a desire to help Ukrainian refugees during the war in Ukraine. Every pain and every obstacle of a Ukrainian on the path of adaptation in another country is my personal pain and difficulties as a Ukrainian. Fear for the future, stress from loss and pain for the fate of our country, what I read every day in the eyes of Ukrainians, what each of us experiences in our own way. I also see opportunities on my own way and share them with newly arrived Ukrainians. I want to see more smiles and relief on the faces of Ukrainians who ended up in the USA because of the war on our native land.

This site is a resource to help anyone who has recently arrived in the USA. Our projects are help in practice. And we have great hope to be able to continue helping Ukrainians in the United States to make their way easier. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to every heart that fights every day for the independence of Ukraine and the sovereignty of our country from the beginning of the full-scale invasion and long before it."

Master of Computer Science of the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics. Software Engineer

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Nikita Stepanov

"I've fought for freedom in Belarus and know the pain of losing a home. Ukraine has always felt like a friendly neighboring country to me. I have friends there, and even if I'm miles away, I'm committed to helping. I can try to help those who were forced to move, in hopes they find a new home here in the U.S. I believe this project can help someone make their path easier. Long live freedom Belarus! Glory to Ukraine!"


Degree in Linguistics and a Diploma in Teaching English from the University of Cambridge.

18 years of experience teaching English and 12 years of experience as an English language program director.

Currently Academic Director of the HOFT Institute.

The head of the LAURA program, the coordinator of teachers in the educational process of the program, acts as one of the teachers of student groups within the framework of the program

Blair Bourassa

We sincerely thank every person in the American community for supporting Ukrainians. We are grateful to members of public organizations who support our initiatives and programs to help Ukrainian refugees in Texas. Without your friendly helping hand, it would be difficult for us to implement the projects. Many thanks to the US government for the significant assistance to Ukrainians on the territory of your country, you create opportunities Thank you!

AURA team

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