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Language Assistance for Ukrainian Refugees in America

The project was created as an addition to the LAURA program to help students, in addition to the knowledge they have acquired in grammar, practice their spoken English skills, thereby mastering the language even faster


About the Project


Throughout its existence, the LAURA English language course has assisted over 100 Ukrainian refugees in mastering or improving their level of English grammar knowledge. We believe that knowledge is reinforced through practice.

Statistically, refugees and immigrants fleeing from war and the impossible circumstances in their home country, upon finding refuge in the United States, live with relatives or friends, join communities of their nationality, and communicate with each other in their native language. This is an integral part of adaptation to a new country for a foreigner, but it also creates a certain closed circle of connection within the local society. The Conversation Club was created to help avoid isolation from the external English-speaking environment, as we believe that an English conversation club can be a good balancing tool, a means of communication with native speakers.

Program Benefits

  • Overcoming the fear of speaking.

By attending the conversation club, Ukrainians can overcome the fear of initiating dialogue in English with native speakers in everyday life.

  • Friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The hosts of the conversation club sessions, volunteers, native English speakers who have joined the project understanding its purpose and goals, are here to assist participants with any obstacles they may encounter on the path to speaking fluently and confidently.

  • Additional knowledge.

During the sessions, club participants expand their vocabulary and gain additional knowledge of grammar through corrections from the volunteer host during the conversation session.

  • Cultural and social exchange.

Students and volunteers have the opportunity to exchange and learn more about cultural traditions, customs, and everyday life from each other's countries. This contributes to broadening perspectives, expanding horizons, and deepening understanding of the diversity of the world. Thus, the conversation club has not only an educational and communicative character but also a cultural and enlightening one.

Note that!  We do not charge participants for attending the conversation club.

For all Ukrainians who need language practice, attending the sessions is free




Volunteers for this program are not professional English teachers.

These are residents of the United States who, using methods of presenting colloquial speech, help Ukrainians have the skills of spoken English.

    Details of conversation sessions

  • Conversation club session presenters are volunteers, native speakers.

  • The sessions are held on zoom 

  • Communication takes place 2 times a week, session duration is 1:30

  • Each session's topics are announced in advance, so participants have an opportunity to prepare for the conversation

  • access to WhatsApp chat 

  • It's free for refugee students


     How to become a member of the conversation club?


Every Ukrainian who is currently in the USA and wants to work on his spoken English can join the conversation sessions. Of course, you should be able to maintain a dialogue in English, but don't panic. A volunteer works one-on-one or in small groups with students, adjusting the conversation to your level. Therefore, we invite everyone who can qualify according to the scale of knowledge from level A1 to B2 to participate.

Before your first conversation, you will receive a link to a test to determine your level of knowledge.

To become a student member fill out the form "become a member" below and you will be provided with the following information


If English is your native language and would like to become a conversational club volunteer, please fill out the volunteer application form below. We will contact you soon to discuss the possibilities and details. Thank you for your active position and concern for our cause.






If you wish to financially support this project, please fill out the financial support form and we will also contact you, thank you

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