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LAURA program

Language Assistance for Ukrainian Refugees in America

To adapt in a new country, an immigrant faces a number of obstacles, and one of the most basic is the language barrier. Language is the key to communication on any vital issue. In order to help Ukrainian refugees to quickly and effectively adapt to their new environment and society, so we have developed an online English course specifically for Ukrainians who came to America after the start of the recent war.


About our background

     In July 2022, on a volunteer basis, at the initiative of Elizabeth Arhunova and with the support of the vice president and English teacher of the Blair Bourassa HOFT Institute in Austin, an online English language learning group for Ukrainian refugees was launched in a test format. During the months of work of this online class, we were convinced of the benefit and progress in the language of newly arrived Ukrainians. This training format leads with its professional approach and focus on quick results. Video Testimonials from Students
     Our goal now is to create more English language learning opportunities for even more Ukrainian refugees in need. Because every day we hear and know that there is a great need for this in the Ukrainian community, which is growing on the territory of the United States. In order to continue our work, we need to invite more English language teaching professionals and pay for their work, at least with minimal funds. We really hope for help and financial support of non-profit and public organizations that help refugees and are not indifferent to those who need help in adapting to a new country.

Attention! We do not charge students for this course. For all Ukrainian refugee students this course is free!


The course program

  • Entirely online. (eliminating the need for student transportation or maintenance of physical classrooms) Almost all Ukrainians have access to computers and are technologically literate

  • One semester = 10 weeks of study. 6 hours a week: After each level, the student receives a certificate of completion.

  • Five levels of English language proficiency. Each individual student is tested and interviewed to determine their level before beginning classes.

  • Each level will have different teachers, textbooks, and homework.

  • Personalized and targeted learning. At each level, in the group there will be no more than 12 students for effective communication and the opportunity to pay attention to everyone present in the lesson from teacher.

  • Teachers are native speakers with more than 6 years of experience teaching foreign students.



                                                           What is the benefit for American society?

     The labor market in the US is always in need of employees. Almost all Ukrainians have one or two higher degrees in their home country. Proficiency in the language opens up the possibility of having a job in a more qualified environment. Ukrainians able to communicate clearly will be able to earn a decent salary, rent their own housing, pay taxes and be full members of society, and the need for financial support from the US

government will be a thing of the past. Lets help Ukrainians learn English effectively and become independent in a new country.


     Right now we are trying to raise money to open additional online courses for Ukrainian refugees in America. We have experienced teachers and an expected budget that includes teachers' salaries, materials and administration costs. If you would like to financially support this project or become a teacher for this project please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for helping Ukrainians adapt to American society.


If you are a Ukrainian refugee who has recently arrived in America and would like to study under our LAURA English Assistance Program please complete the request form. We will contact you shortly and discuss the details of the training







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