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The language barrier is often the most dramatic part of the immigrant experience. A refugee who suddenly finds themselves in a foreign-speaking country without time to prepare is at risk of unemployment and social alienation due to a lack of language skills. Their adaptation experience brings much disappointment and frustration, and without the necessary language knowledge, this stage can drag on, contributing to low living standards in the new country.

LAURA program

The LAURA program provides urgent language assistance! We offer FREE online English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for refugees from Ukraine. We equip our students with critically necessary knowledge, thus facilitating their path to adaptation. Our language support brings them closer to better living conditions and financial stability in an English-speaking country.

Our students:

Students of the LAURA program are highly motivated adults, providers for their families. They have professional experience in various fields in their country, ranging from secondary to higher professional education. Disciplined and hardworking individuals, they strive to quickly regain healthy stability in their lives.

Having lost much in their lives, their main goal is to swiftly build their financial and social foundation in the new society, in accordance with local laws and customs.

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Our Contribution to the American Society's Economy

Providing job opportunities for American teachers; all instructors in our course are native speakers residing in the USA.


Enhancing the workforce of local businesses and companies by training newly arrived Ukrainians in English, who are actively seeking employment.

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Please NOTE!

We DO NOT charge any fees from students for participation in the program. For all Ukrainian refugees, this course is entirely free!

Our financial expenses cover salaries for teachers, administrators, technical support for the program, and PDF textbooks.

A registered student in the LAURA course is entitled to study according to the program for one academic year, which includes four semesters, taking into account their initial language proficiency.

One semester of our program lasts for three months, during which the student receives 38 lessons (76 hours) of instruction. They have the opportunity to progress by one proficiency level. For instance, advancing from level A1 Beginner (Elementary) to A2 (Pre-Intermediate) or from B1 (Intermediate) to B2 (Upper-Intermediate).

This dynamic learning progression ensures effective advancement towards the goal of mastering the English language up to the B2 Upper-Intermediate level, which is the final proposed level in our program.

Note: Currently, we provide language training to refugees residing in the state of Texas only due to limited funding. If we receive financial support for this initiative, we would be delighted to extend our assistance to a greater number of students from various states.

We constantly need financial support to continue assisting those in need to acquire essential English language skills. Please join our simple and critical mission! Make your contribution to the education system for refugees.

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