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Language barriers are often the most frustrating part of the refugee experience. Not knowing English can make an adult refugee unable to get a job, afraid to sign a lease, and unable to help their children navigate a new situation at school.  This is where LAURA (Language Assistance for Ukrainian Refugees in America) can help. To make the path of self-adaptation gentler and more elective through English language skills. 



LAURA provides FREE English lessons to Ukrainian refugees in the United States and needs your help to continue its simple but crucial mission.


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The LAURA program is a highly focused initiative providing language assistance for refugees from Ukraine. It offers FREE online English language education for adults aged 18 and above, aiming to provide them with grammatical knowledge and practical conversational skills at a commendable level. The program's objective is to enable participants to become socially and legally oriented members of society and achieve financial self-sufficiency through employment in an English-speaking environment.

This language program serves as a booster for integration and adaptation in an English-speaking environment for newly arrived foreigners, and its mission is both simple and critical.

video Testimonials from our students click to view

Within the program, we offer:

  • A knowledge-level assessment test for potential students.

  • Group placement based on test results.

  • ONLINE training in groups of up to 13 students per class with one teacher (a native language speaker with ESL program experience).

  • Two-hour sessions, three times a week, ensuring effective and high-quality learning.

  • A schedule designed for working students (offered on weekends or evenings).

  • PDF-format books and workbooks for each proficiency level.

  • Mid-semester tests and exams to monitor and evaluate material assimilation dynamics.

  • Bonus features, including chat communication with teachers throughout the learning process, where they share assignments, additional materials with students, and answer questions related to English language learning.

  • 24/7 administrator support in chats for any arising questions.


Attention! We do NOT charge students for this course. For all Ukrainian refugee students this course is free !

The one semester of our course lasts for three months, during which students have the opportunity to master one language level. For example, from A1 Beginner (Elementary) to A2: Pre-Intermediate, or from B1: Intermediate to B2: Upper-Intermediate.
This dynamic progression ensures that ALL students move dynamically towards the goal of mastering English up to a confident B2 Upper-Intermediate level.

Students have the right to study in our program for up to one academic year (which accommodates four semesters), with adjustments made based on their starting proficiency level. For instance, a student who begins with level A1 may stay in the program slightly longer than one year.


We are also testing a Business English group where students of level B2 Upper-Intermediate and above take lessons to learn the nuances of business English. In this segment, they study writing business letters, interview skills, resume creation, and more.

All program graduates receive a certificate upon completion, verifying their accomplishment in this language assistance program.

Our expenditures cover teacher salaries, administration, technical maintenance of the program, PDF textbooks, and printed materials.


Who are our students:

Students LAURA program are highly motivated adults, the breadwinners of their families, with educational backgrounds ranging from secondary to higher education, and some holding multiple degrees. They bring professional experience from various industries in their home countries. They are disciplined, hardworking individuals striving for financial independence to provide for their families' essential needs. Having lost much in their lives, their primary goal is to quickly build their reality in a new society in accordance with its laws and customs, restoring a healthy stability to their lives as soon as possible.


Benefits for American Society when Ukrainian Refugees Learn English Faster:

The U.S. job market always needs skilled workers. Ukrainians, with their diplomas and qualifications, have the potential to secure employment in more specialized fields. Proficiency in English opens doors to decent jobs, enabling Ukrainians to earn a living, rent their own homes, pay taxes, and become fully-fledged members of society. This shift towards financial independence reduces the reliance on financial support from the U.S. government. Helping Ukrainians efficiently learn English contributes to their autonomy and financial independence.

Why do we specifically help Ukrainians? They were not prepared and warned that their stable life after 30, 40, 50 years would abruptly change, and they would need to start from scratch in a new linguistic environment. They did not learn the language to migrate. We consider it our human duty to help them access free language training so that they can live and act independently in the USA. We urge you to support this simple yet important immigrant assistance program with any possible donation.

Elizabeth Arhunova, author and inspirer of the LAURA program.

Video Testimonials from the teachers of the LAURA program

     Currently, we have completed 3 full semesters of study under the LAURA program. There are 43 students - our project graduates who have found jobs or transitioned to higher-paying positions, thanks to improved English communication.

Currently, we have 8 groups of students, totaling 80 participants (distributed into student groups), and 250+ applicants wish to join the program to learn English!

The LAURA program is at a critical development point! With high demand for education and a team of qualified teachers, the LAURA program is currently on hold due to insufficient funding fund button.

Please support this critically important program with a donation. Thank you for helping Ukrainians adapt to American society.


If you are a Ukrainian refugee who has recently arrived in America and would like to study under our LAURA English Assistance Program please complete the request form. We will contact you shortly and discuss the details of the training

current activities:

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We are grateful for the technical assistance and help in finding funding for our program to our partners.:

Austin Jews & Partners ​ ​for Refugees
HOFT Institute
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